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Using your data set that has been assigned to you(COMMUNITY COLLEGE STUDY, I ATTACHED THIS FILE), search for the description of the data it contains in this word document, BUGN 280 Excel Project Data File Information-2.docx (ALL MATERIALL ATTACHED!)Your data set will have a target audience.  This is your audience that you will be analyzing.  Develop some criteria around that person.  If they are real, google them and learn as much as you can about them.  If they are fictitious, then create a personality and background, be creative.

Think about yourself (PLEASE MAKE UP SOMETHING, I AM 25 YEARS OLD FEMALE STUDENT)and what your role is in that company.  Come up with your background and story as well.  More details the better!

Once you have created the background for your target, you need to fill out the Audience Analysis Worksheetand submit to canvas.  I also attached a link to the pyramid for referrence. 

Audience Analysis Worksheet Homework Version.docx(ALL MATERIALL ATTACHED!)

Writing Process – Pyramid.docx(ALL MATERIALL ATTACHED!)

Here is my completed version as an example. PLEASE FOLLOW THE EXAMPLE!!!!!!!!!!! DO THE SAME!

Audience Analysis Worksheet Data Set #1 Example.docx(ALL MATERIALL ATTACHED!)

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