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Objective: Again, this week you will be required to submit a Leadership Reflection Journal.

Purpose: This journal should be written in the first person and should be critically reflective. As such, you will discuss the most important concepts that you have learned throughout the week and how those concepts may be applied to your leadership career.

Assignment Description: Your Leadership Reflection Journal should exhibit personal reflection of your present leadership competencies and also possible adjustments that could be made to your leadership approach. Importantly, your Journal entry should be in light of the various concepts that have in covered each week in the course. Also of importance, the Leadership Reflection Journal should be far beyond a mere casual discussion. It should demonstrate a high level of understanding and should also provide adequate integration of authoritative sources as assigned for reading each week.

Parameters: Also you should integrate other scholarly sources, most preferably to review literature retrieved from the University research library. Your weekly Leadership Reflection Journal should be no less than one page and no more than two pages in length.

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