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structuring organizational change and organizational change strategies. When you have a basic understanding of those concepts, consider a problem which you have encountered at your workplace. design the intervention, analyze, evaluate, and explain in detail the answer to these questions about the work problem and the project which you are undertaking:

  1. What are you trying to “fix” in your organization?
  2. What are the critical questions to be answered by the organizational change?
  3. Why is the change needed by the organization and its members?
  4. What would happen if the change was not made?
  5. What are the possible pitfalls of implementing this organizational change?
  6. What problems might be encountered if the organizational change was made?
  7. What are the benefits of such an organizational change intervention?
  8. What are the possible results of this organizational change?
  9. As you begin the implementation of this organizational change, how will you communicate the goals of the intervention to organization members?
  10. How will you start the organizational change intervention at your workplace?
  11. must be done iin apa format 8 to 10pages. i work in housing
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