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Your reflection will consider the nature of faith (and reason), and should adhere to the following progression.

  1. Begin by revisiting your discussion of faith and reason in your “What is God?” paper. How did you describe faith, reason and their relation? Evaluate your initial view. Have your views changed? If so, how? If not, why not?

  2. Next, articulate a view of the nature of faith (and reason) in light of course readings either by: (1) discussing the position of the author whose view of faith (and reason) you find most convincing/compelling; or (2) discussing your own view of the nature of faith (and reason), drawing on at least one reading.

  3. Exposit at least one serious/thoughtful counter-argument(s) to your chosen position.

  4. Evaluate and respond to the counter-argument(s), either in your own voice or the assumed voice of your chosen author.

    There is no required length for this reflection, though 3–4 pages would probably be appropriate. Essays should be typed, double-spaced, Parenthetical citations are appropriate for written sources, including the author’s last name and page number with the end punctuation following the citation, e.g., (Eagleton, 110). 

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