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Week Three Journal

While on some days we hail and embrace modern life, there are several social theorists who have explored the many aspects that are wrong with modernity. In Section Three of Social Theory Re-Wired – “Pathway to Meltdown: Theorizing the Dark Side of Modernity” – you are offered several classical and contemporary readings. Choose one of the readings in Section Three (but not the Introductory Essay) as the basis of your two-journal paper.  The purpose of the journal paper pg is to allow you to personally reflect on and present your experience of the reading.

In your journal paper, reflect on and present the following:

  • What do you think the reading tells us about society in general, and its “dark side” in particular?
  • What two to three points made by the social theorist did you find most interesting?
  • In your own experience of living in society, can you relate to the points made by the theorist in your chosen reading?
  • How has reading the work of this theorist changed your perspective on a rationalized society full of promises and pitfalls?
  • How has the reading enhanced your future experience of a rational society and your study of Sociology?
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