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For this article, you will look at a fake news story of your choosing (must be approved) and write a rhetorical analysis . In a rhetorical analysis you should “take a close look at how authors . . . communicate their messages to an audience” (209). After all, authors are “trying to persuade a particular audience to have a particular reaction to a particular message” .

Remember, some questions you will want to focus on include:

  •   How does this article make its point?

  •   How does the article reach its intended audience?

  •   Is there an argument being made?

  •   What cultural events are happening that could make this fake news story so popular?


  •   400-500 words;

  •   Quoting directly from a fake news article;

  •   A works cited sheet that cites the article you have chosen;

  •   MLA formatting:

    o Times New Roman, 12 pt. font; o Double Spaced;o 1” margins. 

    here is to a link that i chouse : http:// 

    please make sure you use simple words 

    please make sure you use simple words 

    please make sure you use simple words 

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