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In 750- to 1,000- words, summarize how the scientific method governs the way forensic scientists conduct qualitative and quantitative analysis of physical evidence containing organic and inorganic matter. Include the following: Include the following:

  • Explain the information gleaned by the forensic scientist in the process of conducting both qualitative and quantitative analysis of physical evidence.
  • Differentiate between organic matter and inorganic matter. (Each analytical technique used to examine organic and inorganic matter has its benefits and limitations.)
  • Provide examples of physical evidence containing organic matter and evidence containing inorganic matter.
  • Address the following questions:
    • What combination of analytical procedures would a forensic scientist use when identifying physical evidence to ensure that accurate and reliable scientific results are obtained? (The conclusions and opinions expressed by forensic scientists are subject to scrutiny through the judicial process.)
    • How would a forensic scientist defend his or her scientific conclusions and opinions in a court of law?
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