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   The three most important elements of Hamric’s definition of Advance Nursing Practice are research skills, collaboration, and ethical decision-making skills.

    Research skills are proven by the ability to be the intervention nurse in a research study. This includes knowing the goals and purpose of the study, being a part of the research team, helping to design the evidence-based intervention content, providing the content and continuing the patient relationship according to the objectives of the study, and using evidence-based literature to influence the designer intervention for the advantage of  their patient. Collaboration is validated by partnerships and application of other health care team supporters to control care for patient’s benefit. Ethical Decision-Making skills are proven by planning informed consent documents, detecting possible zones for ethical concerns stressing the patient care during study application, and reporting concerns management.


Hamric A, Hanson C, Tracy M, O’Grady E. Advanced Practice Nursing: An Integrative Approach. Elsevier Saunders; 5th ed.

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