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As a current or future public administrator, you know that one of the most important approaches to research involves philosophical assumptions or the basic set of beliefs that guide actions. After a preliminary review of the literature on your topic, discuss your understanding of why the topic is important to study. This should lead to a final comment that includes your research problem statement.

For this week’s discussion question, perform the following tasks:

  • Select and analyze one topic from the following list of research topics for a research project:
    • Health care
    • Homelessness in your community
    • Quality of drinking water in your municipality
    • Public transportation
    • Municipal finance
    • Lobbying by nonprofit organizations
  • Evaluate and explain in detail the philosophical view, such as postpositivist, social constructivist, advocacy and participatory, or pragmatic, that you will use for the research project.
  • Explain the rationale for selecting a research topic.
  • Provide your research problem statement.
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