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I need two different assignments.

The first one: I need two and a half page Definition Essay. More information is attached. Please follow the instruction attached.

The second one: Frayer model maps vocabulary. Basically I will provide you with 20 words and I need 1- your own words  deifinition, 2-example, 3- non example, 4- charastristics/facts. More information is also attached. Please follow instruction.

The 20 words are: Acebity. Alacrity. Cacphone. Contiguous. Duplicity. Enfranchise. Halcyon. Imbroglio. Munificence. Paragon. Ameliorate. Bellicose. Egregious. Incontrovertible. Judicious. Meander. Onus. Peruse. Sapient. Vacuous.

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