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  1. Distinguish following international entry modes: acquisitions, greenfield investments, and joint ventures. Outline what factors Wal-Mart needs to consider when choosing between these entry modes?

    (25 marks)

  2. Explain what factors are likely to have attracted Wal-Mart to set up its operations in emerging economies. Use Mexico as the example to support your answer.

    (20 marks)

  3. Compare the risks that Wal-Mart faces as a result of its investments in both developing

    (30 marks)

  4. Discuss the view that the benefits of foreign investment such as that by Wal-Mart in

(25 marks) 

This assignment is based on a case study of Wal-Mart’s global operations. The details of the case are included in the attached articles.

Answer above questions by using appropriate theories and the case study materials. 

word limit is 2000 for entire assignment and word file preferred.

Harvard referencing system required (very important)

case study materials : See: http:// & attached immage

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