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Homework Set #1These are copied out for you from the Module 1 AVP slideshow, so you may cut and paste them from here into your homework document. JMP. Module 1 homework problems from your textbook: Conceptual Integrated Science:•         Page 41, #51•         Page 66, #44•         Page 91, #43 and #45 Submit your answers in a Word document to the Dropbox no later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDTpage 41, problem 51. A vehicle changes its velocity from 90 km/h to a dead stop in 10 s. Show its acceleration in doing so is -2.5 m/s^ 66, problem 44.You push with a 20 N horizontal force on a 2 kg mass resting on a horizontal surface. The horizontal friction force is 12 N. Show that the acceleration is 4 m/s^ 91, problem 43.How many joules of potential energy does a 1.5 kg book gain when it is elevated 4 m?  (Use the equation: Gravitational potential energy = weight x height.  (PE = mgh)  (Let g = 10 N/kg))page 91, problem 45.Calculate the number of joules of kinetic energy that a 1 kg parrot has when it flies at 6 m/s.  Kinetic Energy:  KE = (1/2)mv^2

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