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On your pro forma IS depreciation should only increase 5K, not 50K.items constant in the pro formas – interest expense, fixed expenses. Cash, common stock, long term debt, notes payable.  Percents are supposed to be based on the average of the 2 years provided, not one year.  RE should be last year plus this years NI. Chart of sales over time needs to show years in the x axis, not numbers. Chart should show equation. Your equation is correct. Sales v. cogs should have sales on the x axis and cogs on the y. I do not see the calculation of projected sales for the next 3 years. Your BS should not balance, you are supposed to iterate to remove whatever discretionary financing is needed.  I do not see the regression statistics. Please submit for more credit.

Revised.  While your PDF submission is interesting it is both incorrect and not what was required.  Your projected revenue does not correspond to our values.  Exponential smoothing is not the correct approach and you are supposed to use native excel functionality for the regressions.

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