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Write a 3 page essay on Summarize Queen Magdas journey.

On hearing the message stating her wish to depart, Solomon pleaded with her to stay so that he could show her how his government works and the state of his soldiers and dignitaries. Queen Magda complied after hearing all she had missed and attended King Solomon’s supper and she sat behind him as he had stated that she will linger behind him. Solomon ordered his servant to serve a repast for Queen Magda with the intention of making her thirsty. Solomon approached Queen Magda and begged her to reside with her in his quarters. The Queen made him make a vow that he would not touch her and she promised she would not touch anything that belonged to Solomon. Later in the night, she became very thirsty and she opted to take the water present in Solomon’s room. Solomon caught her and reminded her of their vow and she opted to break the vow for the water in the vase. They slept together and Solomon had a vision about the sun moving from Israel to Ethiopia. After her encounter, Magda sought to return to Ethiopia and Solomon gave her treasures and other precious things. He gave her his ring and told her to keep it as his token of love, and in the event that she bore a child, the ring would be a sign of his recognition. The Quincy Mayans Myth stated that the gods had sought to create humans who would come as a source of nourishment and sustain them in the light of the day. Later, humans and God’s relations became poor and the humans fell out of favor with the gods for their lack of worship to the gods.

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