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Strategic Marketing Plan for Visa Inc

  1. Executive Summary- Present a brief summary of the main goals and recommendations of your strategic marketing plan for senior management’s review and approval. Your Executive Summary is meant to help senior management find your strategic marketing plan major points quickly.
  2. Current Marketing Situation- Assess the target market and the company’s position in it.
  3. Market Description- Appraise the Market and Market Segments. Appraise your market share.
  4. Customer Needs- Explain why are your customers buying or not buying your product or service.
  5. Product Review- Compare sales and pricing figures for the past three years. Evaluate your products or service strengths and weaknesses.
  6. Review of Competition- Determine major competitors and assess their market positions. Describe their strong and weak points.
  7. Review of Distribution- Evaluate recent major distribution channels.
  8. Objectives- Explain the marketing objectives you would like to attain in your strategic marketing plan.
  9. Marketing Strategy- Explain how your company will create value for customers in order to capture a larger market share.
  10. Action Programs- Explain how you will convert your marketing strategies into specific action plans.
  11. Controls- Assess the controls you will put in place to keep your strategic marketing plan on budget and on schedule.
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