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Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Thank you for Smoking.

The film depicts Mr Nick Naylor’s dilemma in lobbying on behalf of cigarettes as Big Tobacco’s chief spokesperson using cunning tactics and trying to be a positive model for his son aged 12 years at the same time. This film tracks the ups and downs of the Washington lobbyist who is constantly on the hunt for new and inventive ways of rebranding the ‘cancer sticks’ for public consumption and it is set in the period soon after Big Tobacco had started cutting checks for its sick and dying former customers. The film has a well-scripted story line that is easy to follow because events unfold with a lot of easiness and actions of characters are equally justifiable through logical sequences of counteractive action-reaction sequence. The characters narrate the story amid pitches of grim humour that is well enmeshed in the dialogues and the superb delivery of key lines that creates memorable moments in the film. The film also makes a good display in terms of casting of the lead role because Aaron Eckhart is able to deliver by showing both extremes of his usual character types, to turn his ingratiating smile into a leer, and to charm even as he repels. Mr Reitman keeps the character moving so fast that there is very little time for contemplation and just as you are about to start putting a finger on the character and his tar-black heart, he is already flown out of the door.

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