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1. This vignette illustrates some of the differences that must occur in a worldwide firm as it conducts its R&D effort. What are some other differences you might expect?

2. How might these differences vary between a British firm and a Japanese firm?

1. We have organized this chapter by activities that need to take place to successfully implement an innovative strategy. There are many ways to characterize a leader. If you are seeking an innovative leader for an organization, what do you think are the ten most important characteristics for the leader to have? How will you determine if an individual has those characteristics? Discuss how executives can ensure a successful managerial fit.

2. We discussed radical versus continuous innovation in Chapter 3. What area of implementation do you believe is most affected by the type of innovation? Why? What are the advantages and disadvantages of working with each of these types of innovations?

3. When you made a radical change in your life leaving home, getting married, moving to a new city what kinds of emotions andfeelings did you experience? Was there stress associated with the change? As you reflect on that change, what lessons did you learn thatyou can use to help others who are facing changes in the workplace from the implementation of new technologies? What did you learn about yourself and your reaction to innovation and change implementation?

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