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Need an argumentative essay on English paper. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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It showed how only a few privileged people can control the entire financial resources in a country with a capitalist structure. The sharks and the lambs of the stock market have been given human shapes and the movie shows how they let their lives be controlled with the single passion of becoming richer by the hour, with greed being described as a virtue in the big bad world of a capitalist society. The movie also shows how inner conscience can assist a person from doing the right thing when confronted with moral decisions. The Wall Street is the location of the New York Stock exchange which is the world’s leading hub of business activity where stocks are bought and sold and is an enigma for the common man inciting fear and awe among the uninitiated. Common people fail to understand the intricacy of markets and the way big business operates. The movie entitled ‘Wall Street’ was therefore the best way to introduce the common man to the intricacies of the business world. It shows how ambition and greed can make a person a mere pawn in the juggernaut known as the stock market. Personal life takes a toll when a person gets involved in the highly demanding and competitive environment leaving no room for human desires and pleasures. Every facet of human values acquires a financial angle.

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