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Students will conduct a real or hypothetical sexual history and assessment report. The objective of this assignment is to: a) learn to become more comfortable (desensitized), and to help others become more comfortable, discussing sexuality topics in counseling, b) practice conducting a real or hypothetical sexuality interview and history and c) to have an opportunity to reflect upon his/her own sexuality issues and how they may affect his or her performance as a professional counselor when working with a client presenting with sexuality related concerns. 

  1. Following the Sex Therapy Assessment Questionnaire provided in the Module 12 materials, students will practice clinical interviewing skills by conducting a sexual history assessment with another student, a friend, or a hypothetical client. The results of the assessment will be included in a written report identifying:

         Significant perceptions, attitudes and assumptions regarding gender roles and sexuality issues

         Treatment plan indicating how you, as friend, partner or therapist, might be most helpful to this individual regarding any concerns or counseling objectives that may be influenced by your findings.  Please respect anonymity of subject.

2.  Length and format: this report is to be completed in APA format, and should be no more than 6-7 pages.

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