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Hi, need to submit a 250 words essay on the topic Two Questions.

In the three-week stay at the media house, I discovered that soul is a major secret of success and has seen the growth of many working cultures. This is due the fact the mentality of team member is the one that drives the progress of their work and the organization in general.

In most organizations, the performance appraisal is basically the center of performance. most firms apply personal appraisals as a strategy of their performance management programmers. Appraisals aid progress individuals, progress organizational performance, and nourish into business planning. Prescribed performance appraisals are usually conducted yearly for all staff in the association. Every staff associate is appraised by their line supervisor. Performance appraisals are also important for career and succession development for persons, critical jobs, and for the business as a whole entity.

Symbolic management is an organization activity that applied by CMC motors, a company that I worked at for 6 months. Symbolic management is a term that is used to obtain resources for new ventures. Four symbolic management actions classes that enable acquisition of resources entail, passing on the entrepreneurs personal reliability, organizational achievement, professional organizing and the value of shareholder

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