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Write a 2 page essay on Document from the Women’s Liberation Movement.

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Rather than fall all over herself to appear charming and attractive to a member of the other sex, a woman will do well to just be herself and cease pretending to be something she is not. And if men feel threatened and turn on the truly liberated woman en masse, such men are simply not worth the ground she walks on. This document is particularly important in a world where women are oppressed under the burgeoning pressures of sexual freedom.

This document focuses on Lesbian-feminist politics, as heralding the end of a male- dominated society. It denounces heterosexuality on the grounds that it perpetuates the oppression of women as it is essentially male-centered. According to Bunch, lesbianism is a political choice which entails protecting the rights of women. She emphasizes the need for lesbians to become feminists and vice-versa in order to destroy the fabric of a male-dominated society that is cruel to women in the extreme. Sexism propagated by men drunk with power is an evil that needs to be dealt with an iron fist. Heterosexuality undermines and eventually sunders the bonds of sisterhood. therefore lesbianism is the true threat to male supremacy.

This document explores the nuances of lesbianism as it were and as it is.

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