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Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses COMPARITIVE.

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With the invention of fire people were able to move towards cold regions and settle down there. Until the invention of fire men were forced to satisfy themselves with uncooked food. and with the advent of fire man started preparing dainty food for himself and for his kin. As boiled and baked food items were comparatively secure they could keep aloof the diseases which they used to fall in frequently. By setting fire to the premises of his inhabiting areas he succeeded in keeping away the wild animals from harming him. And also fire was extensively used for giving signals. As far as the wheel is concerned, it was one of the most important mechanical inventions that man has ever done. As Quaglia opines, wheels were first used to transform clay into pots. With wheels man could make barrows and bullock carts which were the sole factor behind his easy movements to various destinations. In man’s expedition to discover the unexplored places to live in, the wheels have always been helpful in shifting his material possessions. As men moved towards the middle age it is evident that the improvements made in wheels helped them to be transformed into gears and it was the impetus for the invention of devices such as clocks, water wheels and so on.

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