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For this project, you will create an academic success plan showcasing your knowledge in goal setting and time management.  

This submission uses the provided Academic Success Plan Template document to help organize your work and ensure that you have completed all parts of the success plan.  

You should make sure you are planning your time this week to complete this success plan. Hint: Plan to work on this assignment early in the week, add more to the assignment midweek, and then polish it for submission toward the end of the week!  

Review the “Academic Support” links in the Table of Contents for additional guidance on the social, motivational, and academic support strategies you wish to learn more about.  

As a SNHU student, you may download Microsoft Office 365 for free to obtain a copy of Microsoft Word for this assignment.  

Remember that the coaches at the SNHU Online Writing Center are here to help. Use your amenities!  

This assignment is graded using the Final Project II Guidelines and Rubric document. This document also includes all the information you will need about assignment submission requirements. 

Review the infographic on “The 5 Habits of Successful SNHU Students” for ideas, and consider making an appointment with the Writing Center.

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