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Write a 1 page essay on The benefit Consuming organic and whole foods.

This leads to the food being less healthy. During processing, there is the addition of preservatives, and artificial coloring, which might affect an individual’s health negatively. There is no processing of whole foods and they do not have any unhealthy additives. Whole foods as well do not have added salt or sugar, which might contribute to high blood pressure or obesity. The human body only handles the natural salts or sugars in food (Gussow 4).

It is healthier to eat organic food than inorganic food. This is because they lack chemicals and pesticides. Some types of organic foods have high levels of vitamins, as well as, proteins compared to inorganic food. Animals that feed on organic food are as well more healthier compared to animals that feed on inorganic food (Edward 26).

Consumption of organic and whole food is not only important for individuals’ health, but also important as far as the environment is concerned. For example, they do not lead to fertilizers or pesticide run-off, which go to the streams or rivers. Such chemicals contaminate water and results in the destruction of habitats. Some pesticides contain toxins, which contribute to health problems like cancer (Benbrook

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