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Hard boiled and Film Noir questions

Please respond to the following discussion questions in an informed and thoughtful way. Write at least a paragraph for each question, but no more than two. For each question, reference at least one text.  Please copy assignment question to a separate file, complete and submit by Thursday 4/26 –before class. Late work will be marked down. 

  1. What is Chandler’s main point in his essay, “The Simple Art of Murder?” Does he view detective stories favorably? Does he think the genre is important?
  1. Explain the historical context for Film Noir. How did this context create a fertile environment of the genre?
  1. How are women typically portrayed in Film Noir? What might these types be saying about the culture of the time? Of today?
  1. Consider ways that the hard-boiled detective intersects with Film Noir. How is this detective genre ideal for this film genre?
  1. In what ways is the hard-boiled genre different from the amateur detective genre? Be specific here!
  1. The hard- boiled detective genre has been likened to the western genre. Considering Raymond Chandler’s essay, how might you support this?
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