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moving from the rural areas to the urban city life, it is natural to see parallel developments and increases in modes of transportation, just like the commuter bus which was used to advertise the changes in social life.

With industrialization and urbanization, numerous shopping centers naturally abound.

From the photo taken in a shopping mall, a real estate promoter proudly advertises the beauty in the infrastructures and edifices outlining the city of Kyiv, especially along the Dnipro (Dnieper) River. The slogan in the poster, as translated in English, reads: “Your lifestyle!” From the poster, guests and visitors of the city would marvel at the fast pace of urbanization exhibited by the array of buildings and architectural structures that could be seen from the background. Yet, in spite of the economic growth and development, spectators would observe that there is still a portion of great landscape visualized from the conglomeration of green trees at the lower left portion of the poster. which is indicative of the people’s commitment to preserve and conserve the natural resources despite changes in urban and social

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