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Project : STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT OF TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATIONSubject :- You can pick any topic you wish but it MUST be some innovative piece of technology or innovative process from history or one that you feel is innovative. NOTE: If you decide to pick some existing/historical item like the growth of PCs from the 286 to the 386, etc. Then be sure you THOROUGHLY describe why an incremental growth meets the innovative criteria. Also, if you pick something of your own – same issue; why is it innovative.- The paper’s guidelines are in the Moodle Shell. But my additional guidelines include the following:    1) It must address/explain the innovations;         2) You must provide analysis including literature reviews; methodology of analysis; and your analysis          3) Conclusions/Recommendations     4) While I am not an APA expert I will be looking for you to follow APA and I do pay close attention to in-text citations.5) 3800wordz11page

6)book :Strategic Management of Technological Innovation, 4th Edition

Melissa A. Schilling, © 2013

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