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Research Paper, APA format, 12 pages,  include abstract not including title/reference pages.  Paper is based on the attached case study and all the references and supporting information needed to apply to this research paper is found in the 4 attachments.  

 After the introduction (including the formal research question of   

How does a change in leadership style impact job performance in a corporate setting? ), 

briefly describe (1 paragraph) what the organization did in relation to the issue.(case study document) 

 2. Address the research question and analyze the effectiveness of how the organization handled the issue, referencing the scholarly articles attached

. 3. Formulate recommendations you would make to the management of that organization to effectively handle this issue. Clearly list your recommendations. 

4. Provide a detailed logical rationale for each of your recommendations. Your rationale should reference the scholarly articles on the topic to provide support for your position.

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