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I have uploaded the code and would like your help in further development on the program to make it functional. Need to add these…… + button to add two numbers together, – button to perform subtraction, x button for multiplication function, / for division so two number could be divided and could also tell the user that they cannot divide by zero if they try to input that. Whole number is fine, I don’t need to make this work for decimals. Also, I have a couple of question for you to answer. 

  1.  Write up, or explanation on your approach. This could be a paragraph, or two on this. 
  2. What are the lesson learned on this
  3. Write up on ways to improve your code. Improvement could be something you would have done different, but was not able to do because the scope, or time did not permit, functions that you were not able to implement and the reason for not doing, a different approach that you would have taken a different way of solving the problem etc. This could be a paragraph, or two on this. 
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