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HIST201-D3 Hist US/Discov-Reconstruction SP18

HIST201-D3 Hist US/Discov-Reconstruction SP18

The textbook is America: The Essential Learning Edition (Vol 1)Tindall, George…ISBN: 978-0-393-26969-7


The textbook describes Madison’s Number 10 as the most famous of the Federalist essays. In No. 10, how does Madison define both “democracy” and “republic,” and why does he not favor democracy for the United States? Consider whether anything has changed over the more than two centuries since this was written to now make democracy (classically defined) more desirable or feasible?

What do you think James Madison would think of American Idol or Dancing With the Stars or any other television show where the audience votes on the winner? Does a program like this contain both democratic and republican elements? What does this say about the validity of a political system based upon majority rule and direct participation of the people? Was Madison ultimately right?


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