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Hi, need to submit a 250 words essay on the topic MUSIC DISCCUSION MORALITY PLAYS THEN AND NOW.

It resulted to the death of the Groom and Leonardo, the Bride’s Lover, who killed each other.

Another play is the Tooth of Crime written by Harold Pinter in 1972. It features a ritual battle-to-the-death between what seems to be rock stars but in reality could be professional hit menor cowboys.

Modern-day morality stories are still popular with movie-goers and as entertainment for today’s society. For me, they are still popular because of the moral lessons they convey. As human beings, we normally want to learn from the stories we read and movies we watch. Besides, we can recommend the younger generations to watch such plays as long as they are morally-guided.

Another reason is that morality stories are usually based on true-to-life situations so we can really learn from them. Although there may be fictional characterizations, still the lessons are not as different as in everyday

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