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You have to write two form 

First fourm assaignment 

1 fourm minimun 500 word

Question: The case surrounding the events in Estonia (2007) have significant implications for cyber issues. What were the challenges to attribution with the Estonia Case Study? Why is this important to the future of understanding cyber threat situations?

Second Fourm assaignment

2nd fourm minimum 250 word

you have to write second fourm bassed on 1st fourm feedback from professor.  

**** Please complete the first fourm assaignment and I will give you 2nd fourm once professor provide feedback*****

For 1st fourm $10.    Word 500

and 2nd fourm $7.    Word 250

Basically this assaignment has two part ……

Once you done with first part then professor will ask question based on your writing and you write second part. 

Please let me know if you have question ….

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