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1.    Heritability is defined in your text as h2 = r2P,BV

It can also be defined as h2 = ?2BV / ?2P

Vasily Yevshenko is widely recognized as a master muskrat breeder. Some of his initial data collected for 50-m time on his muskrats are the following: ?2BVt = 6 sec2         ?2GCVt = 2 sec2   ?2Et = 11 sec2

Use these data appropriately for the following question:

a.    What is the heritability of 50-m time in Yevshenko’s pack? (1pt)

b.    A true perfectionist, Vasily has so standardized the management and training of his animals that the variance of environmental effects on 50-m time in his pack is just 5 sec2. Now what is the heritability of 50-m time in Yevshenko’s pack? (1pt)

What principle is illustrated here? (1pt)

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