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From the dashboard, it clear that smoking is the major issue that has to be solved. The information obtained from the smoker is enough to come up with the solution to the problem. It is easy to measure the extent to which the smoker is affected and measures that he can take to stop smoking. The data collected in the measured phase it is vital to come up with the most effective way to stop smoking.  There is no need to adjust data collected for any purpose since the information can be understood. This has to go on until the analysis is done, this involves narrowing down the root causes of smoking and providing a solution.

Monitoring the information from the smoker closely after the establishing and assessing the detailed procedure in the measuring step, I will have to highlight all the concerns in the process. This will play an imperative role in formulating strategies to provide a solution to the stated problem.  To analyze this problem, it is vital to assess the importance of each phase by carrying out process analysis. This process contains time analysis; this emphasizes the real-time that is taken in the process and the time spent.  I have noted that the smoker spent more than 15 hrs. per day smoking, which is dangerous to his health.

The collected data is accurate because it was provided by the smoker who knows himself better than anyone else. It is easy to measure the impact of smoking on his health and business by examining the activities of his business. The business is not doing well because he takes a lot of time to relieve stress through smoking.  Moreover, the impact of smoking can also be measured based on the amount he spends on purchasing cigarettes. When he stops smoking there are high chances that people around him will quit smoking are higher. He could save more than $ 2000 after one decade.

The information presented on the dashboards follow the DMAIC process, this has made it easy to follow the process and provide a solution. The first vital process he presented was to state the problem. The problem is well defined and his aim is clearly stated.  From the dashboard, I noted that all the inputs and outputs were well defined. He also outlined the process that he intends to adapt to solve the problem.

The type of data collected is continuous, for instance, the number of hours that he has been smoking and the amount that he will spend on smoking. The method uses to collect this data was observational the smoker observed what he does each day. Each day and time spent smoking was recorded for the purpose of carrying out the analysis. This method was very accurate since it minimizes the chances of getting misleading information.

The data collected was basically primary this means that chances of getting errors were very low. Even though collecting data from one person could not be enough to make a conclusion about the population, the data was very accurate and could lead to reliable information. Another risk of collecting data from a small sample is that some effective analysis methods might not be applicable hence jeopardizing the process.  There was a sample formula used since the information was obtained from one person.

The analysis method used was very simple, the collected data was recorded, this enabled the researcher to note the trend and forecasting the future smoking habit. The analysis method is based on the observation made. Since the sample size used was small, it was easy to examine the smoking trend and assessing the most efficient way of solving the issue. From the data, it was evident that the smoker was risking life and he spent a lot of hours smoking.

The flow chart is visible and can be understood, it formulated based on his behavior, for instance, the boxes summarized all the activities that he plans to accomplish. The diagram represented the summary of his problem. The key learnings and questions are well highlighted to reveal the primary aim of the researcher. I noted that the chart will lead to accurate results, which might positively affect the researcher behaviors on smoking.

The information provided is very cohesive, the rate of his smoking is very high. From the storyboard, he spent a lot of time smoking hence affecting his business activities. This indicates that the problem of consistency will ruin his career. His level of addition is very high, which he intends to solve after formulating the best way of combating the issue. The number of sales in business has reduced dramatically due to the smoking habit, smoking has made him focus less in generating income. This means that very soon he will lose his source of income due to smoking habits.

The study or the plan did not adopt a specific method of sample size calculation. Hence, there is no formula used given that one person provided his smoking data. There is no method of measuring error and I anticipate that the collected data was accurate and consistent. There were no contradictions on the information presented.  In this case, there was no need to formulate techniques for minimizing errors committed.

The data analysis tools used were not identified, the method used to examine the collected data was observational. This was effective based on the type of data collected hence it was relevant. The data collected was very clear, someone could not the problem at hand. Therefore, it was easy for the researcher to formulate the most effective way of assessing or analyzing it. The analysis used was connected to the findings and conclusions.

It was also very easy for the researcher to come up with solutions to the problem. Providing a solution to the problem was based on the conclusion made about smoking. The information flowed hence it was very easy for the reader to understand the steps as well as the solutions that were provided. As such the solution provided are very effective, smokers stop smoking

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