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Question: Now that you have worked your ways through the elements of the course, this is the place, as the title suggests, to see ways to “bring it all together” and to integrate and synthesize the concepts you have seen in the course and their relationships to your everyday lives and instances, in which you must regularly reason on very practical levels.

Task: Response to the two statements separately with a minimum of 100 words each. Respond to each statement with whether you agree/disagree and include one quote and reference citation from an attached reading and reference provided with each statement and also based on the question stated above.

Statement 1

What I realized is Philosophy is a concept that applies to practically everything we do, act and think in life. The breadth of what it covers is so broad it touches our lives in many unique ways and helps us to think about, solve and approach life in varied ways. Philosophy improves the ability to see the world from the perspective of other individuals and other cultures; it also enhances and builds correlations amongst other studies and it increases the sense of the meaning and variety of experiences. The various topics that were covered, discussed and debated in this course from moral issues, arrogance, the judgement of other cultures and moral practices etc. was great and eye opening. This course highlighted the fact that there should be more cognizance and tolerance culturally, especially within those societies. That sometimes people tend to have an opinion or view according to their own personal beliefs which does not necessarily make things right or wrong universally equating to the moral theory of subjectivism. Philosophical theories and approaches is what makes the world a great place, different opinions, thoughts, beliefs, personal preferences and opinions, etc. all contribute to or are a part of the philosophical theories applied throughout life.

Philosophy enhances, problem solving skills, it contributes to the development of meaningful and open communication. It helps to frame and devise the concept of logic by providing sound methods for distinguishing good from bad reasoning. It helps to determine the standards of evidence, to provide rational methods of resolving conflicts, and to create techniques for evaluating ideas and arguments. It contributes to ethics by addressing moral concepts such as a right action, obligation and justice which formulates principles to guide moral decisions, whether in private or public life. This was a great course and a lot of great takeaways. This maybe a stretch but I believe the folks in the Presidential Administration and in Congress need refresher courses such as this one to remind them of how their approaches, actions and what and how they communicate have significant impacts and outcomes on a wide range of people and their lives and at times should be approached and done differently if they care.

Statement 2

Throughout this course collectively we have learned perspective. I think this class teaches observation of opinion and outcomes. We have given serval different topics to take a stance on and give our opinions. My AP Lang teacher always you say, ” Moral Issues is debate. You discuss an important event, systems, and politics of this vast world. As in debate, you learn to argue both side and support with solid facts. We all have a way to fix a problem in our world but we only get past the second or third steps to fix it and there are always six.” As the text discussing our response topic we learn here to integrate concepts of difference as acceptance and acceptance as understand vs agree given constructs. Our taking away skill is the reflection of, ” Regularly reasoning on very practical levels” meaning constructing and deconstructing ideas, beliefs, and options in our earth.

Note: Responses should be based on attached reading. Statement one response should have a minimum of 100 words and statement two should have 100 word response as well. Both responses should be separate and should have separate references.

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