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Write a 7 page essay on Role of information system in customer relationship management.

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How to ensure strong customer service and satisfaction Customer satisfaction and service are vital components in the survival and progress of any business. it is for this reason that organizations invests heavily in ensuring that customer service reaches a level that will satisfy and woe the customer towards coming for more. Businesses need to maintain customers in a manner that will make them appreciate the brand, products or services being offered by the businesses. This paper looks at ways in which a strong customer service and satisfaction can be maintained in a business. First, know the needs of every customer in the market so as to avoid forced creation of demand where it is none existent. Secondly, it is important to perform tests with a view of building an understanding of the desires of consumers within the market segment. This helps build up innovative ideas useful in identification and solving possible problems that may arise due to customer expectation about the product or service the business offers. Thirdly, being true to your customers can help the business a greatly. All deliveries of goods to customers should always be done at the right time. Where delivery may not be possible on the agreed schedule, proper communication with the customer is vital. Fourthly, plan well and perform periodic training of the team you work with in order to uphold business reputation and trust. It is also important to train a team that will enhance flexibility and effective communication skills. Fifthly, always appreciate your customers. It is worth sending thank you messages to your loyal customers. This strategy will likely yield positive results that help in positive growth of the business. Moreover, always create loyalty programs among your customers. This can be done through unique gift offers or special promotions targeting long time customers in the business. Always approach issues related to your customers in a mature manner as though you are dealing with a long time friend. This can be done by being sincere to them on issues that may arise in the day to day running of the business. It is important to promise what you can achieve other than giving unrealistic expectations. This is because empty promises tend to anger and frustrate customers making them shun any future transaction with the business. It is for this reason that a successful business need to set correct expectations since it helps in retention of customers. Develop a customer philosophy that will direct the way employees interact with clients. The philosophy developed should be able promote respect and constant appreciation of customers. This is a key component in customer satisfaction and retention. Lastly, develop a quick response time whenever there is a blame game in business transactions. Effective communication and admittance of a mistake can really yield marvelous results in the long term. This should be followed with a communication on what you plan to avert similar mistakes in future. Customer Service System Customer service refers to various business practices aimed at providing services to clients during and after a business transaction. These services are aimed at building customer satisfaction and retention. Customer service system refers to blending of procedures, people and technology with a view of serving customer needs in a way that will promote profitability and achievement of business objectives. It is important to note that implementation of an effective client service system may be quite difficult when all the stake holders does not understand its importance. In addition, all the stake holders should be willing to buy into using the system otherwise its contribution to the business may be futile.

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