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I will pay for the following essay What do you consider are the essential attributes of an interviewer and why. The essay is to be 9 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

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Hence, the organizations are now trying to authenticate the research by applying the new techniques. There are studies related to mental health, socio-economic and personnel factors. Organizations conducting the researches, involved in planning of interviews and designing of the questionnaires. With an effective discussion, limitations of interviews are confined to avoid any unfairness. as the interview is a vital instrument behind any research or investigation. Therefore an interviewer requires endowing himself with all the attributes necessary to get the proper information. An interviewer needs a proper study of the subject of research, its background and proper understanding of the objective of interview, in a proper way. There are several techniques applied to conduct an authentic interview. The case may vary from a crime to patient in a mental hospital. The body language, way of communication and approach applied matters a lot in the quality of the interview. (Ritchie, Lewis 2003). An interviewer should always keep in mind, the importance of qualitative value of the research which can be achieved only through primary data collection method. which is totally based on the interview of the native. More exact information you derive from the interviewee, more the research will be authentic. The subject of the study requires a particular kind of approach to make the research fruitful, avoiding any bias. The design of questions planned may have socio-economical, natural, physical and psychological approaches, depending on the objective of the research. Selection of the field for the research, making a team, and a good fieldwork with historical, social and psychological analysis is necessary, before designing the questions for the interview. The interview should be able to reach in depth of an individual, acquiring all the required information from him. Selection of the place of interview and the kind of questions, affects the psychology of the individual which may influence in the spontaneity of the information he is giving. Therefore, to get the same in a proper way, the individual should be provided with a contented environment, which encourages him to narrate his story or the incident he has witnessed. As soon as the process of data collection through an authentic interview is completed. a qualitative analysis of collected information is required, to give a proper shape to final research report. Among several approaches of interviewing and researching, the most successful one is a psychological approach. As the information is acquired from a human beings, who are psychological in nature. treating them psychologically, would certainly help gain more factual information than any other approaches. Here we will discuss about the methods of psychological approach of interview. This technique of interview consists of a non-accusatory interview combining both investigative and behavior-provoking questions. This technique of interview has three elements: Factual analysis, interviewing, and investigation. Besides being distinct in their process these elements have a common objective to help the innocent and identify the offender. Interrogating that individual becomes an important task to find out the reality. This technique is useful in extracting information from reluctant suspects. Interviews and investigation both are supported by investigative findings. therefore, a proper analysis of facts can help the interviewer in following ways: Recognize appropriate questioning planning. Increase the possibility to recognize the offender through the interview.

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