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Write a 7 page essay on SEMCO Company Strategy.

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Therefore, this paper will bank on a critical explanation of the applications of schools of strategy that are exploited in SEMCO. Different companies use different strategies to record their preferred results. In many instances, companies have to advocate for development and deploy skills that will be used in recording positive growth. This is done by ensuring the people that are employed are competent in their work and use their skills accordingly.. This is due to the ever evolving market. As such, the market needs to be encountered with different strategies. This is also heightened by developing and deploying strategic flexibility, which is directly reflected towards technological advancement. For instance, with the improvement in technology, many companies have to improve. This is by using technological advancement in their service provision. In recent times, many companies have been noted to invest heavily in acquisition of new machinery and equipment (Furrer, 2010:34). This is not a point to brag, but it is an advancement to make service provision even better. Purchase of new technology ensures a company’s production is improved in quality and quantity. Similarly, the goods that are produced will be of increased value (Semler, 2000:54). This will prompt customers and clients to use more of the goods. With such a drill, a company is most likely to record positive results, which increases its financial muscle. As a matter of fact, SEMCO decided that its environment was a core factor that could lead to its grater performance. As such, changing the environment would be a prudent idea in increasing its performance. This is garnered from the learning school of view, which banks on making a positive environment in business (Kazmi, 2008:56). In making this a reality, the firm encouraged the staff and management to exchange idea oh=n how the firm could make an improvement. This is an opportunity where all the staff members are given an opportunity to express their views on how performance of the organisation could improve. As such, the organisation has a pool of ideas to choose from. With such a large pool of ideas, the organisation has a better position of implementing the best. This is a position that many organisations do not have but they will never try such a manoeuvre, minding the risks that are involved (Jansson, 2008:23). This was followed by the practical part of experimenting ideas that cropped up in the organisation. Since organisations do not engage in risky activities, they have to study and evaluate the viability of the activities. This was heightened by research and exchange of ideas to ensure the best routine was designed (D’Angelo, 2009:52). With time, SEMCO had obtained competent skills and had competent personnel that could direct the investments. As such, they were prepared to exploit all the available loopholes in businesses. As such, the business was growing at a steady rate. SEMCO Company has been recording successful results in the market, yet it does not have a written strategy or plan. However, it has deployed the prescriptive school strategy, which is about planning, designing and positioning. It is in the market and making a positive accrual due to its activities that are concentrated on the customer market. With such a drill, the company is on the verge of making lucrative profits that are not linked to any strategy that is in writing or planned (Suneja, 2002:13). SEMCO Company planned that its businesses should be increasing in each financial year. However, it did not strategise on its expansion rate to a particular point. In such a drill, it ensured that transformation would continue in every year (Semler, 2000:55).

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