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Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses Life-Changing Experience.

Consequently, the event was of extreme significance to my life as it offered a platform for a sound future (Ariely 34). Having grown up in China, I did not envision completing my advanced studies overseas. In my home country, a citizen’s freedoms were virtually controlled by the state. Therefore, my sole duty was to be of service to the state. Although the constitution guaranteed human rights on paper, its implementation in the rule of law was poor. The set freedoms and regulations offered little protection in the actual practice of the rule of law. For instance, property rights were not effectively protected, and the poor would end up being treated in a discriminatory manner, as opposed to the wealthy in the society. In addition, the internet was closely monitored by government agencies. This was in an effort to control public criticism of the Communist Party. Therefore, the internet was not easily available or accessible. The fear of being impeached by government officials prevented me from interacting with the rest of the world through the internet. I was afraid of being found in violation of the set regulations. Consequently, I never had ambitions for overseas studies. My mind was focused on how I would be of service to my country. Moreover, I did not even have the courage to explore foreign tertiary study opportunities. The fear of being an obstacle to social stability prevented me from pursuing this overseas exploration. In addition, my country offered various acknowledged world class institutions for advanced studies. Therefore, I harbored no intentions of leaving my country for overseas tertiary studies. However, during my high school education process, I discovered the numerous opportunities that overseas education had to offer. This was owed to my interactions with other students with foreign education experiences. In addition, my fear of the federal governments prying eye on the internet had also diminished. Consequently, I started exploring overseas education opportunities. First, I had to decide on the course I wanted to pursue. Consequently, I decided to pursue a degree in jewelry appreciation. This had been my dream course since my childhood life. As a toddler, my mother informed me that I was always attracted to anything that glittered. Consequently, this attraction had gradually developed into a passion. Eventually, I became obsessed with jewelry and worked hard to acquire different sets of jewelry. Coming from a culturally diverse background was crucial to my endeavors with regard to jewelry appreciation. In addition, my country also offered a variety of jewelry works of art that were essential to the development of my passion for jewelry. For instance, my community was extremely religious. These religions differed from Buddhism to Taoism. However, both dialects employed various forms of jewelry and works of art in their forms of worship. Consequently, this provided a platform for interaction with various forms of this art and jewelry. This, in return, further fuelled my passion for jewelry appreciation. However, I discovered that there was a need for increased appreciation for jewelry as a work of art. In most cases, this field was usually treated with disrespect. Consequently, jewelry appreciation was not accorded the respect it deserved. For instance, the art in jewelry was not noticed or praised as opposed to other forms of art. Many people tend to appreciate jewelry based on the price as opposed to the work of art employed in the designing process of the jewelry. Therefore, appreciation of jewelry had only been reduced to the price tag attached to it, its size and few other tangible attributes.

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