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Hi, I need help with essay on A psychological assessment: the romantic illusions of Emma in Flauberts Madame Bovary. Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

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Emma is the beautiful and young wife of Charles Bovary, a small town country doctor.The story of Madame Bovary takes the reader through the life, affairs and tragic death of the heroine.To bring excitement to her monotonous married life, Emma tries a series of romantic escapades leading her to social disgrace, financial ruins and suicide.

It is assessed, through the story, whether the psychology behind her romantic illusions is her inability to accept real than the imaginary and whether her hysteric narcissism is simply an adaptation to overcome her boredom.In the beginning, Emma tries to experience love with Charles but it is according to the theories she has formed from her romantic readings. She recites poems and sings to him by moonlight . But neither feels loss of calm in her or moves Charles to be more ardent or amorous. Emma is unable to experience passion as it comes spontaneously. She was merely looking for conventional romanticism of her novels. otherwise Charles was quite romantic and passionate towards her. Only if she could have recognized that:Seen thus closely her eyes looked to him enlarged , especially when, on waking up , she opened and closed her eyed rapidly many times and it goes on to.. his own eyes were lost themselves in those depths and he could see himself mirrored in miniature. He often reproaches himself for not loving her enough and so runs upstairs touches her comb, rings and gives her “great sounding kisses” or “little kisses in a row”

But Emma suffered from ennui and imagined what love would be with a lover like she reads in her novels and magazines. For her the materialistic life is of prime importance and she longed to be the central attraction of that world of high society. She wanted to be famous while the mediocre existence and Charles’ and his contentment with it often enraged her. The situation made her even more desperate for excitement and fame. In such a situation when she meets Rodolphe, a calculating womanizer who thinks “how to get rid of her afterwards” even before beginning an affair (Paris, 203). He understands Emma well and lures her by playing a melancholy lover, pretending sadness at world’s narrow minded views about true love that she adores. She is flattered when he tells her that she is the hope of life for him. Emma does raise a question that should not there be morality to some extent. But Randolph brushes it away saying that the morality of small men is only a hindrance to cherish the beauty and feeling the great. Her moral questions answered thus Emma plunges in the affair with pride and without a tinge of shame. She glorifies in being dependent on him like a servant or even as a prostitute. All is fine till she suggest him that they should elope. But such a thought is unbearable to a detached person like Randolph. It becomes predictable the more fiercely Emma clings to him and more likely he would abandon her (Paris, 209). And it happens soon. After Rodolphe abandons her ,Emma becomes hysteric and even contemplates suicide. Her hysteria is so strong that even the safety and affection of a family could not take her out of her broken romantic illusion. After the end of her affair with Rodolphe, Charles, who is unaware of the true reason of her depression and hysteria tries to bring her out of it as:

“Speak to us , said Charles. “collect yourself”. it is your Charles who loves you. Do you know me See here is your little girl ! oh kiss her.

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