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Compose a 2500 words essay on The Growing Problem of Substance and Alcohol Misuse in Youth of England. Needs to be plagiarism free!

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The major reason of youth getting involved in the filthiest practice of drug use is the presence of free information on the web whereas, the media is engaged in showing that it is indeed cool to have an addiction (Kenney, LaBrie, &amp. Hummer 2012). The main characters in the movies are shown to have excessive drinking problem (Koordeman, Kuntsche, Anschutz, Baaren, &amp. Engels 2011). The world leading liquor companies such as Johnnie walker are spending millions and trillions of dollars in terms of advertising and marketing their products all around the world.The companies are specifically targeting youngsters in the nation of England and the social exchange and learning theories are at work (Badelt &amp. Weiss 1990) because the advertisement tells the youth about the presence of alcoholic products and then, the intent to purchase them and use them is significantly reinforced by movies and serials in which the leading character will always have a cigarette in his mouth (Stern 2005) and therefore, the young minds think that it is really cool to have drug problems because it permits people to attain the impossible as heroes do on the big screen (Klein, 2010). The childish minds however, do not have sufficient intellectual power to comprehend the ramifications of their actions that lead to their addiction and when they do comprehend the consequences then, it is usually pretty much late for them to turnaround. The famous alcoholic product makers are known to sponsor the production of movies that are the most prominent method of advertising alcoholic products. The governments all around the world are attempting to minimize marketing and advertising activities of companies that are operating in alcoholic products’ domain and therefore, the companies have to find another way of getting information about their products to the customers. The pressure to induce demand in the local economy is also growing because people do not drink alcoholic products in the country more frequently and they are usually used in ceremonies and important occasions and because of this reason, the companies are consistently trying to make youngsters repeated customers and the growing drug and alcoholic use is a sufficient proof that the plan is duly working (Shimp 2007). The youngsters in England are no doubt engaged in usage of drugs and alcohol and according to recent study, the children in the English society are getting more and more interested and attracted towards drugs because of presented powerful persona of a hero in the movies (Cape 2003). The government of England faces a challenge of undoing much of the damage by running series of public awareness campaigns that should be designed in order to increase the information of youngsters about problems that might get worse in the future as well (Thom 2005). Additionally, the government is also recommended to sponsor and subsidize rehabilitation centers so that they can perform their function in the society more effectively. The rehabilitation centers must be permitted to market themselves on the electronic and internet media. The growth in the visibility of rehab centers on the media will most probably attract the attention of addicted youngsters whose lives can be turned around. The awareness campaigns must also be run in educational institutions where the youngsters must be told about adverse effects of drug use on human health.

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