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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Social Injustice and Hispanophobia. It needs to be at least 1000 words.

They sell out their races as well as their culture. The six characters of this play are objectively stereotypical and superficial. It is a dramatic play and brings out the prejudice that Mexicans face in America due to the misconceptions that Americans have on Mexicans. Theme is one of the, most important aspects of drama and in this drama there are six major themes involved. The central theme presented in this play is the theme on racism between Americans and Mexicans. Therefore Valdez finds humor as the significant way of passing his massage s as to avoid offending those involved and entertain the audience. Thus it expresses race issues through interesting play and conveys message in the form of comedy play. This way the writer is able to pass a sensitive, heavy and broad message in a simple and entertaining way. The theme of racism is well depicted in this play when a secretary from the Governor’s office buys a brown-skinned robot for the administration since it will appear good to have Mexican type on the staff. However the secretary rejects them since they do not have an American look. The issue of race prejudice and demands of the American culture leads to some Mexican American decide to overlook their race and separate themselves form own ethnic groups hence the play Los Vendidos (sell-out). Stereotyping Stereotyping is another theme explored in this play according to Helium (2). All the characters and their characteristics in this play embody the Mexican stereotype. The first character in the play is a farmworker and portrays the stereotype of farm workers in Mexico. He is the most ordinary and diplomat of the low class Mexican way of life in America. He only speaks Spanish since farm workers in Mexico do not know English (Glassvisage par 2). The farm worker consumes traditional meals such as beans consumed by fellow Chicanos in Mexico hence the stereotyping as suggested. Another character who represents stereotype is Pachuo who is a gangster in Mexican stereotype. He uses weapons to steal and he does not conform to the law so Miss Jimenez rejects him. His character of being a gangster is character for Mexicans who are prejudiced in America hence end up engaging in crime. Another stereotype is that of Revolucionaria who the older Hollywood reflection of a Mexican person is. He is mostly in western movies and he is seen as a romantic man whom women lust over and is used as marketing tool by most of companies. As a result he is one of the images the Mexican wants to take out of the American culture. The last implication of stereotype is through character Eric Garcia who is the perfect stereotype the Americans want about him. He acts like a Whiteman but still with his dark skin though he is an American-Mexican. He and other Mexican-American speak both English and Spanish which implies that they still posses the Chicano identity. They expected to be educated, hardworking and mannered in the right way to differentiate them from other Mexicans. Social Injustice and Hispanophobia The theme of social injustice is evident in this play and it is portrayed the oppression of Chicanos in America according to Helium (1). This oppression included racial prejudice and a lot of inequality as they tried to make life in America. This is well displayed when Miss. Jimenez chooses a model for the office through race rather than through ability, she refuses those models without the American look.

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