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Complete 6 page APA formatted essay: Suggestions for President Obama’s Strategy of Declaring.

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United States is one of the countries considered with the best constitutions globally. However, there are several functional departments that citizens are crying foul of their effectiveness in the country, for instance, the congress. Basically, I agree with Obama’s suggestion that he cannot wait for a “dysfunctional” congress due to the constitutional system adopted by the United States. This paper focuses on difficulties imposed on policy making by the United States’ constitutional system. It also discuses why founders opted for a system based on separation of power, checks and balances. Moreover, it evaluates its effectiveness in the present situation of the United States. Finally, it offers personal suggestions on Obama’s strategy on declaration that he cannot wait for a “dysfunctional” congress and suggests several policies. United States is considered the world super power with strong and operational constitutional system. However, the policies system and structure were only effective in the past years. This is because in the past years United States had really advanced both economically and politically. In the recent few years, the constitutional system adopted by United States has proved ineffective and unreliable (Child 48). This is due to non-responsive nature of the system to the problems facing the country over the past few years. In the past years that is twentieth century, united states have been faced with series of problems that have greatly compromised its position globally and exposed certain weaknesses of the constitutional system on policy making and implementation (Congress 37). United states have been faced with series of problems most of which can be controlled by the country, but the policy making procedure adopted in the constitution does not allow for quick response to such issues due to the legal procedures. For instance, unemployment rate have greatly increased in the United States over the past years (Schwartz 90). Basically, this has been caused by trade with china. China offers cheap products in the country which cannot be adequately and effectively competed against by the country’s locally produced commodities. This has led to closure of several companies’ especially local company. This is because they cannot adequately compete against Chinese products due to their market prices. This has led to exportation of unemployment from china to the United States (Leebrick 79). United States is the largest importer of Chinese products. Low cost of Chinese products is due to their currency value and regulation by the government on value regulation of the currency. Though this has caused United States its economic strength and china emerging as a potential contender as a global power house, United States have done little on addressing the issue (Schwartz 43). The country through its legislation could have suspended trade with china so as to address the problems in the economy due to the trade. However, this has taken long and the country has been frequently faced with similar problems arising from trade between the country and china. The issue has not been addressed due to the policy making procedure in the country and separation of power, checks and balances that take long. According to the constitution of the country, there are several departments and legal investigation and considerations that have to be taken before sanctioning trade with china.

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