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Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: Prophecy and Justice.

For instance, the Israelites had a conviction that divine messages were often communicated to a prophet via visions and dreams. This paper discusses ancient prophets from their different background because each prophet spoke primarily in and their own life situation. In most circumstances, prophets were against a social or king’s policies or religious injustice in the society (Frigge 77). Prophet message was a reality that many people feared to hear. In addition, prophets faced opposing and suffering at the hands of their people and leaders such as Kings. It is vital to note that Israel had both female and male prophets who delivered Gods messages to the people. Prophets believed that they received divine call from Yahweh to proclaim God message to the people. In both the old and new testament the word of God is preached relentlessly with proclamation that those who do not adhere to the teachings of God, will burn in hell while those who listens and practices the word of God will go to heaven and thus have an eternal life. For a long time, Israel had an oracle culture in that the spoken word of God was very significant in a person’s life. This is because it conveyed the information from God and meant the presence of the person speaking (Frigge 77). Examples of the prophet who prophesized are Amos, Hosea, first Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and second Isaiah. Prophets used symbolic language in order to pass their information to the people. For instance, marriage relationship was used to show that God was seen as a faithful husband while the people as unfaithful wife. adultery and prostitution showed Israel praise and worship of false gods. More so, vine and vineyard was used to present Israel as vine planted in good soil and given maximum care by God. Unfortunately, the Vine produced rotten fruits which resemble the behavior of Israelites (St. Mary’s Bible). In addition, God is presented as a caring and loving father who cared for his children. Prophets were called discern Gods message to the people at a crucial point in Israel when there was political and religious intolerance. They were given the role to come and give message of peace and hope to those who were exploited by the government. Prophets came to proclaim justice for the people in that they warned people to worship God alone. In this sense, the people of Israel were offer rituals worship to God in that worship of any other was not right as per the law of Torah. In addition, people were encouraged to practice and exercise social justice since they were Gods people. For them to be free they were to treat one another righteously as God treated them. therefore, they were to care and liberate for each other as children of God. They warned that those people, who resisted the prophets, resisted Gods word and therefore, they were destined to perish. After the exile, God was willing to act again and give life in order to bring people back to covenant faithfulness. Due to God’s mercy to his people, he was ready to give them a second chance to work for him (St. Mary’s Bible). The leaders had failed to direct their subjects to the right path in that they engaged in all sorts of political and religious injustice making their people to follow what they said. For instance, some leaders made their subjects to worship idols and did not care about the weakest and poor people in society.

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