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I will pay for the following essay Marketing on Ryan Air. The essay is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

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It is held that that growth of the purchasing power of the European consumers would help in steering the rate of passenger inflow. RyanAir thus being the low-cost airlines can effectively sustain its market position (Mayer, 2008, p.3). Social With a growth in the per-capita income of the European households the lifestyle of such people is also held to counter changes. The number of vacation goers is thereby held to increase which in turn would help RyanAir gain an increase in passenger traffic during weekends (Hoffmann, 2007, p.13). Technological RyanAir is gradually developing on the technological situation by dearth of developing its website from only a booking enabled site to contain enhanced information pertaining to flight destinations. Further the company is working with other complimentary business firms like travels and hospitality to enhance its online service and information dimension (Bearne, 2010). Legal RyanAir’s flight operations are continuously under legal surveillance. During 2005 the airlines company was sued by a British Court by around ?24,000 pertaining to its erroneous representation of flight prices as against the Consumer Protection codes of the region (Rush and Ottley, 2006, p.286). Again during 2010 the company was made bound by European Union regulations to reimburse the reservation amount to passengers that had gone disrupted owing to rise of ash clouds (EU Business, 2010). Environmental The management body of RyanAir is continually investing billions of pounds to focus on reducing the level of carbon emissions by around 50 percent. The company is stilling facing complaints from European Union and other political factions stating it to be a high carbon-emitting company (BBC News, 2007). SWOT Analysis of RyanAir Strength RyanAir a low cost airliner is gaining increased popularity among vacation goers and business travellers in the European markets. The company acting effectively on its online platform gains the potential to expand its business and consumer portfolio. It also reflects the potential in running airlines rendering low-carbon emissions in the European region. Weakness The company owing to its managerial ineptness tends to face legal suits for not being effective in looking after the problems of passengers. Legal suits filed pertaining to its price misrepresentation and delay in reimbursement tends to dilute its brand image in the low-cost airlines market of Europe. Opportunity RyanAir in terms of economic and social developments of the people pertaining to the European region tends to gain hold of larger opportunities pertaining to increasing the passenger inflows. This increase in the passenger traffic would thus help the airlines enhance its revenue and market share in the European region. Moreover the enhancement of the online paradigm also helps the company gain the advantage of other companies collaborating with it to render services to consumers. Threat Regulatory climate of the European region is continually changing with rise in threat coming from the growth of terrorism and epidemics like flu and SARS. These changes in European regulations happen to render impact on disrupting its flight operations along the European region.

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