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As the French were allies, their troops were welcomed with open arms despite the diplomatic unease that was transpiring between the two countries. The official warfare started when in February 1808, Napoleon ordered the French commanders to capture key fortresses which would allow the country to gain dominance over its former ally. On 29th February, Barcelona was conquered by French and soon the Spanish power began to decline. Whenever there is a war, there are crimes, atrocities, some of which are recorded while the others are lost in time. There were innumerable incidents of bloodshed, torture and rape along with other war crimes. Much of this was captured in the art of printmaker Francis Goya. The ‘Disasters of War’ is a collection of 82 prints made by Goya, which depicts the war along with its gory details. The prints are seen by many as a protest against the war. Another collection of Goya, painted between 1819 and 1820 represents his desolate outlook of humanity due to the things he had seen and experienced during the Peninsula war. These paintings became the inspiration for a movie released in 2006 by the name of Goya’s Ghosts. The movie Goya’s Ghosts directed by Milos Forman in 2006 presents the Spanish region during the War. The most important characters of the movie are Lorenzo, Ines and Goya. Out of the three characters, only Goya existed in reality. The others are fictitious characters created only to present the movie through Goya’s perspective. Most of the focus during the movie is, however, not on Goya but rather on Lorenzo, Ines and other characters through which lives of the people during the war are represented. The movie depicts how the lives of even those who were not directly linked with the warfare were deeply affected. The whole generations were swept into poverty which forced them to enter the professions which they would not normally dream of. This is shown by the character of Ines who is first imprisoned by the Catholic Church, which inflicts pain on her while she is naked. The continuous torture and rape of Ines (played by Natalie Portman) is an accurate representation of the predicament of the women of that era. Then she is used by Lorenzo who initially pretends that he is there to pray with her while in his heart he is there because of his sexual desires (Forman). Eventually, he impregnates her but later on Lorenzo is separated and prosecuted. Not only Ines is separated from her daughter, but also from her husband who she sees only after his death. Her daughter becomes a prostitute, earning her living by selling off her body. There is no doubt that there are a lot of similarities between the actual events and what is shown in the movie. However, there are some things that differ from reality. As the nature of the movies demands, there is over dramatization of events. Also, the entire focus of the movie is on the lives of a few people who are the protagonists. The war itself was a collection of large-scale fighting as well as guerilla warfare. However, the movie focuses more on the role of women and individual torture rather than highlighting the atrocities of war. The movie Goya’s Ghosts can be called a masterpiece and it is an eye candy for anyone who has a passion towards history and arts.

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