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Write a 9 page essay on Development of Higher Education in UAE.

The thesis statement is expected to play a significant role in explaining the rationale behind the increasing focus of the government on the development of higher education. The thesis statement gained importance in the view that the economy of UAE has attained rapid growth in the last forty years due to the growth of its primary sector which is the oil and gas reserves. The recent trends have shown that UAE has started to shift towards the mode of knowledge based economy due to the economic fluctuation affecting the oil and gas sector and the emergence of tourism and knowledge based businesses as partial substitutes (Fox, 2007). There are various experts who have identified the growth of higher education in the economy of UAE and the have carried out thesis work on this topic to explore in detail the issues involved in the development of higher education in the region and the ways in which these issues have been resolved. Body &nbsp.The development of higher education in UAE has been studied by analyzing the issues involved in this field. The examination of the past and present scenario in the education sector of UAE helped in detailed analysis and comparison of the present developments with the past. The researches carried out by several experts on the growth of higher education in UAE provide a comprehensive idea of the factors responsible for the development of higher education in this country. Evaluation of the issues involved in the problem The study on the development of higher education in the United Arab Emirates involves several issues associated to the economic structure of the country. The economy of UAE has experienced rapid…

This paper approves that the lack of adequate financial investments in the education sector has been a major drawback for the region. The low enrolment of the students in higher education and drop out of male students in higher education as compared to female students has been prevalent. The lack of quality of teachers and restrictions to freedom of the students in the higher educational process has been addressed by these experts.

This paper makes a conclusion that the research on the development of higher education in UAE suggests policy initiatives that could help to address the issues prevailing in the higher education system of UAE. Although the enrolment and attainment rates in higher education of UAE have increased significantly as compared to the past, the quality of higher education in UAE needs to further improve. This could be done by focusing on the establishment of quality educational infrastructure at the secondary level. The improvement in the quality of teaching in schools would generate interest among the students on various subjects like engineering, medicine, science, etc. Thus the enrolment of students in higher educational courses is likely to improve. The drop outs are likely to reduce as the students would realize the benefits of long term engagement through attaining higher education. The education for the male students should be made mandatory. The quality of teachers needs to be improved by setting more strict standards for recruitment of teachers. The admission requirements are also required to be set at higher levels in order to maintain the high quality of education standards.

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