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Create a 5 page essay paper that discusses Product Reassessment.

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The BlackBerry previously was restricted to corporate only. However, it has recently been opened to any user of the mobile phone. The current population in the United States is composed on majority youths who increasingly need to communicate through the social media with peers as well as with corporations in which they have interest to work for. It can be well repositioned in the market through doing market research in order to identify the market segmentation so that marketing strategies can be developed so as to market the product in the most significant segments of the market (United States Census Bureau, 2010). The population of the United States is composed of corporations, individuals and other organizations of different lifestyles and ages. Repositioning this product in the market would involve carrying a market analysis of the demographic factors of the United States population. It is important to identify certain significant research methods applicable in finding necessary means of repositioning BlackBerry in the market. One such research method would be comparative research methodology, which involves finding of the various aspects of the demographic factors of the United States, in which case, differences and similarities with regard to the cultural aspects as well as lifestyles of the different market segments will be considered. Proper analysis of the characteristics of United States demographics will be scrutinized in order to ensure that significant findings which can assists in drawing of relevant conclusions are found. Surveys can be conducted with regard to popularity of this product so that data and information can be obtained (United States Census Bureau, 2010). Comparisons should be made with regard to the various factors contributing to the decline in the usage of the product in the United States. Similarities which exist with regard to different demographic factors should be considered in which case differences should as well be analyzed concerning the differences among the demographic factors. This will be significant in identifying various concerning issues which impact on the fresh marketing of this product so that it strongly establishes in the United States market. As such, it is clear that comparative research method will be significant in carrying out this kind of research in order to enhance repositioning of the product in the market. In order to increase adoption rates, certain significant methods should be used so as to encourage people to revert to usage of the BlackBerry in the United States. Marketing strategies would be high significant in this regard. Advertising of the products should be done through various advertising media including the television, radios, the as well as print press. Essentially adverts should be repeated on certain intervals within the televisions and radios in order to keep the masses informed and aware of the product. Product features should be well displayed and demonstration on the usage of the product well done in order to make prospective buyers to develop interest in the product (United States Census Bureau, 2010). Sales agents should be positioned in different areas and regions which are the target market for the organization producing the BlackBerry.

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