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Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: Business Communication Trend.

Business Communication Trend: Introduction: Life in the contemporary age is changing faster than ever before. Modern age is extremely influenced by technology, and we depend upon technology for almost every matter in our daily life. Our personal and social lives revolve around technology one way or another. Modern age business is no less influenced by technology. More and more businesses are becoming paperless in order to acquire the most appreciated “green” tag. Distances have lost their meaning with the readily available transport. Work does not require daylight to be executed. Hence, development has become a never stopping process. Globalization has brought cultures close to one another. Societies are becoming more and more multicultural with every passing day. Likewise, workplaces have become culturally heterogeneous in many advanced countries of the world in the present age. In modern business environment, people from different cultures and belonging to different castes, colors and ethnicities have to frequently interact with one another in order to accomplish the organizational objectives and keep the work flowing smoothly. Linguistic barriers have for long, remained one of the biggest obstacles in the way of growth of business. On the other hand, multiculturalism in business has always been encouraged because it allows consideration of business strategies from different cultural standings. Taking this into consideration, business entrepreneurs have traditionally remained exposed to extreme challenges of inculcating unity in a multicultural workforce. However, some of the communication strategies recently discovered have been widely implemented in business settings, and have produced fruitful results. This paper discusses some of the modern trends is business communication and explains, how they are best suited to the contemporary industrial world. Role of communication in business: Communication is a vital element of business. In the past, when there was no technology to facilitate business, communication in business used to be conducted through written memos. Business letters used to be the fundamental means of conveyance of strategies across the branches, and thus business had to suffer from large delays of mail delivery. “Face-to-face meetings were held, often ending with a handshake” (Hunt, 2010). With the evolution of technology, business communication matured manifolds and facilitated the business in many potential ways. In the modern business scenario, workers interact with one another through various means of communication that include but are not limited to email, videoconferencing and teleconferencing. Some principles of communication in modern age business: In any kind of business, communication must be conducted according to some basic principles that include composition, capitalization, wording, persuasion, abbreviation, organization, tone, grammar and spelling (Blake and Bly, 1991). Various means of business communication: Email: Since the advent of computers, and more truthfully, the internet, significance of papers in business has faced a severe downfall. Emails have replaced the traditional paper memos that have for long, remained an integral part of business for the purpose of communication.

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