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Hi, I need help with essay on My Future Goles. Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

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But I will never nurture the quality of motivated desires and will not cause intentional pain to others. I know that one negative quality can have a bad impact on my total personality just like one muffled drum can spoil the symphony of the entire orchestra. Pursuit of business skills that will be beneficial for social application is the sheet anchor of my life. I know in the current social and economic set up in any part of the world, institutionalized education that is imparted in schools, colleges and universities has an important role. But that is not the be-all and end-all of education. One has to educate oneself in the real sense in the College of Self-education, where one’s mind is the Principal. the initiatives are the Professors. the hard works are the Tutors. Equipped with practical experience, an individual has to decide, start and progress towards the goal. No man is defeated, unless one admits the defeat. The wise saying goes, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” ( These are some of the fundamental principles that I am going to put into application to achieve my goals in life. At the same time the process of achieving knowledge to equip myself well by passing out in sterling grades in the academic area that I have chosen will continue without intermission. But mind you that is not my final goal. It is just one step of the tall ladder. I am a Business Management Student and my major is Quantitative Analysis in business matters. One may belong to any country, but in the context of globalization, business issues and managing business has to be viewed from the global perspective, and not from the viewpoint of the economy of one country. I have great regards for the traditional lifestyles of my country, Saudi Arabia, but I sincerely think in the area of Quantitative Analysis in business matters, we have to learn a lot from American business Schools. My present purpose of studying English language at University of Pennsylvania Institute since January 2012, will further the objective of my business studies as most of the management texts are available in English. In addition, I’ve full the benefit of government scholarship. Even for the research, which I’m going to do during study for the master’s degree, my government will pay for it. With this solid financial support, I wish to complete my Doctorate (Ph.D.) in English language/literature. I will be serving twin goals of my life thus. The knowledge that I have gathered by specializing in the area of The Quantitative Business Analysis, has provided me with the analytical tools necessary for arriving at correct management decisions with a principled approach. I have also learnt many business techniques that can be applied to major policy decisions in business as well as to administer the day to day situations in business. Analytical skill for decision making is important and I have a fair knowledge of techniques and possible solutions. I have also learnt the importance of mathematical concepts in decision making in business. This concept needs to be introduced and will prove beneficial to the industries in Saudi Arabia to reduce costs and increase profits.

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